We believe you should be able to


Look, we get it. You want to do real work on your small screen, but with traditional mobile UI, it just isn’t possible. We want to change that.

It all started with a seemingly impossible dream. Turn back the clock to 2014 when partner Zach Michaels wanted to do real-world programming on his phone. He was used to walking the streets of NYC, coding on his Linux enabled Nokia N810. But when he switched to a Nexus S, things took a turn (and we're not talking about falling into the Hudson!). Gone were the real Linux distribution and the physical keyboard, plus the user interface made it impossible to program.


So he started building a change. From a tiny apartment closet in Jersey City, he began working on what has become memwris - a UI specifically designed for mobile.


We've decided to do an early test of the UI as a love letter to programmers because you should be able to fix a bug or work on a personal project without breaking out the laptop.

But our hope is to be a leader in mobile UI so you can do all types of work on your phone (we're looking at you, business travelers!). 

If you too believe it's time to do big things with your small screen, then follow along on the memwris journey, or sign up to be an early tester.

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Charlotte & Zach

The memwris Team

Charlotte Maumus

Partner, Business Development

Enthusiastic about getting shiz done, organization, and efficiency

"I hate the phrase, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it.' Complacency is not going to create change. How else would we have roller blades, Impossible Burgers, or touchscreens?"

Zach Michaels

Partner, Technology Development

Enthusiastic user of Arch Linux, i3,

spacemacs, and C++

"We want to build an entirely new class of UI, and we don't think that can truly shine while sitting inside a system that wasn't designed for it."


We thought you'd never ask!


We could come up with some elaborate tale about our name's origin, but we'll be real with you. We love that our UI uses the muscle memory in your wrists.

So much so that we created a new word. 

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