These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

We <3 nontraditional UI

We think there are practical end-user benefits to shaking things up. When it comes to meat-and-potatoes computing, things have stagnated for a long time. Today's mobile interfaces just ape the desktop interfaces that came before them, and innovation usually just means a different approach to layout or a new font.

We <3 simplicity

We're not interested in building something flashy for the sake of being flashy. We want everything we do to have a purpose, and we believe in achieving more with less.

We <3 modern C++ and Vulkan

There are many interesting languages out there, but we believe that C++ is the most pragmatic, flexible language for accomplishing our goals. We think Vulkan gives us complete control with a cleaner API and less room for driver bugs.

We <3 metal

We want to be close to the metal, and we're interested in supporting embedded devices.

We <3 quality

While we are very much focused on shipping, we think technical design decisions are of critical importance to our long-term success and the happiness of our users. We have seen the pitfalls of trying to move too quickly, and we want to avoid them.

We <3 developers

Software has become an integral part of everyday life, and we want to help not only the people using it, but also the people building it.

We <3 Linux and free software of all kinds

We want to support ourselves, but we also want to give back!