We're Alive!

Things are happening

So we've been at it for several months now, and a lot has happened. I don't think I could fit everything into a single post if I tried, so I'm not going to :)

The name of the game has been ramp-up. We're constantly improving on how we work together and how we increase our productivity. And I feel like it's starting to show, at least internally.

I'm a very particular dev (I guess we're all weirdos, eh?), and I'm not a huge fan of frameworks or cutting corners, so it's taken me some time to really come to grips with Vulkan and how this project is going to be structured. But I'm pumped about it! We're using the latest and greatest as far as I know. C++17, conan, clang-trunk with coroutines, range-v3, meson, etc. We're doing monadic error handling with explicit variant typing. And we're serving it all off of a local gitea instance over tinc.

We have a couple of big technical hurdles on the horizon, but right now we're focused on completing a tangible demo of the core tech, and it's nice to see those boxes slowly get checked.

Until next time!