Who are We?

You want to what?

We want to build an entirely new class of UI, and we don't think that can truly shine while sitting inside a system that wasn't designed for it. To that end, we don't think our job will truly be done until we are shipping a fully integrated system. We're aware that this is a pretty lofty goal, but we want to make it clear from here on out that we are in this to truly change how people interact with their devices.

What a load off our chests to say that!

If you happen to have been following along with us thus far, our mission has been somewhat ambiguous. We've dropped a few hints here and there, but our intent was not to be evasive. We weren't quite sure, and it was a little scary for us to say publicly what we knew in our hearts. But this is bigger than us. We think there is truly a need for something better, and we want to let people know that someone out there is trying to build a holistic system that values user control above all else.

And the fact that we have an ambitious target doesn't mean there won't be stops along the way. We've got a lot to do, and we want to iterate. We're focused on UI for the forseeable future, but that doesn't mean we don't have an idea or two for down the road. We are a for-profit enterprise, but we want to bring open source to the forefront of general, end-user computing. And we want you to have a chance to share in our journey.