Introducing the first-ever cross-platform mobile IDE.

Work on personal projects, your job, or whatever...on your phone. On-the-go. On the toilet. In the tub. In line for a sandwich. On a roller coaster. Anywhere.

Coming winter 2019.

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It’s time to reboot mobile UI.

We get it. You want to do real work on your small screen, but with traditional mobile UI, it just isn’t possible. We want to change that.

And for us, real work means programming. We’re addicts. We want to be able to code anywhere, at any time. But without a bigger screen, a proper dev environment, or a physical keyboard, it’s pretty hard to get anything done.

memwris will make coding on your phone truly possible. For the first time.

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Charlotte Maumus

Charlotte leads day-to-day operations, business strategy and development, marketing, and media relations. Her previous PR career included strategizing and producing national equity programs and events, brokering celebrity and influencer campaigns, and conducting media outreach on a national and local scale. She has worked with more than 30 brands, including Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelēz International, Nielsen Audio (Arbitron), and IEEE.

Originally from New Orleans, she brings southern charm and an infectious, energetic attitude to the team.

Zach Michaels

As head of technology, Zach has more than a decade of programming experience, including helping with early development of the Monero cryptocurrency, contributing critical bug fixes to projects like the Linux kernel and the Mesa graphics stack, and working as a C++ specialist at Oblong Industries (of Minority Report fame).

In the distant past, Zach was an award-winning mathematics student at the University of Georgia and a non-award-winning musician.