• Charlotte Maumus

A Place to Work

Why we chose San Luis Obispo

With the majority of tech companies planting their roots in the traditional tech capitals like San Fran and Seattle, why is memwris located in San Luis Obispo? Good question, and it's one we thought long and hard about before moving out of LA.

SLO has a heck of a view

From a bird’s eye view, SLO, as the city is lovingly called, is a college town with about 50,000 people. The downtown area is about 10 blocks long; there are no high rises to be seen; and there is one major tech company. Seems like an obvious choice to move to if you’re us, right?

Well, when deciding on our location, we knew we wanted a community that we could potentially tap to drum up support; we wanted accessibility to larger cities; and we wanted a place where we didn’t feel like such a small fish.

SLO has been a great starting home base for us to get up and running, and has everything we were looking for:

  • Affordability

  • Accessibility to the outdoors for exercise and quality of life

  • A town filled with inspiring minds, university folk, and resources like The Hot House (the local incubator program), and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • A friendly community of people who are interested in hearing what you have going on and are willing to provide whatever they can to help make you successful

  • Close proximity to LA and San Fran — for any future resources we might need

We think hunkering down in a smaller town will provide us with easier access to all of the amazing resources around us. Sure we could move down the line, but as we get up and running, SLO is giving us everything we need, and giving the bigger cities a run for their money.

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