• Charlotte Maumus


Our quick trip to meet the C++ community in-person

Zach and I approach memwris as complementary team members with different skill sets — his being the computer engineer/developer and technical expert, and mine being PR/marketing and business strategy. But to have a full understanding of the overall business we must both be knowledgeable on each team member’s expertise.

As the non-technical member, what this has included is not only teaching myself our preferred programming language C++, but immersing myself into the programming community; from learning who the key players are to keeping an ear to the ground on innovations and the future of OS and UI.

While I’ve been voraciously reading and being active in social media, nothing truly compares to actually, physically being amongst the community. So Zach and I were both excited to find out that the biggest C++ conference, CppCon, offers a full day for free; with a jam-packed schedule of some of the biggest names in the community (and those I admire from afar and behind my computer screen).

Free Friday was truly exceptional — great presentations and the opportunity for me to put faces with names of those in the C++ community, and introduce myself. It was also a first-hand look at how the conference is run, and to find out how to become more actively involved with the community.

It was certainly worth the 57-hour round trip Amtrak ride.

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