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UI Pizza Pie

Time to change UI for screen type

Whether you realize it or not, you’re interacting with UI dozens of times per day. On your mobile screen scrolling through Instagram; drafting a presentation on your desktop; navigating Netflix on your TV - UI is integrated into many facets of our daily life. Now your car’s infotainment screen will allow you to order hot, fresh pizza for pick-up with its interactive UI. And while all the UI surrounding your daily life can make things more convenient, the actual way you interact hasn’t evolved.

credit: Domino's

Domino’s recently launched a new way to order pizza on your drive home. Sure, you can be old school and call Domino’s, or order via the company’s app. But why stop there for pizza convenience? Now you can order a pizza through your car’s embedded UI. Interacting with your infotainment screen, you can either tap to order a pizza for pick-up at the Domino’s on your route home, or you can opp to call for your pizza.

To bring this to life, the pizza giant partnered with Xevo, an automotive commerce platform. This new embedded UI will be rolling out to millions of vehicles beginning as soon as the second quarter of this year. And Xevo technology is currently in about 25 million cars.

From a marketing perspective, this is a great use of reaching your digital-savvy consumer while they’re thinking of dinner, to make it convenient to pick-up a pizza on your ride home. A true way to bring Domino’s “AnyWare” initiative to life. And the data Domino’s will be collecting will help you (and others) in the future to get pizza in their hands faster.

The actual UI is based on traditional point-and-click and the aesthetic is grid-like - which makes sense since it’s what you’re used to interacting with on your infotainment screen, and other screens. But where I can’t fully get behind this is that while the Domino’s car UI is interactive and serves its purpose, it doesn’t take advantage of the unique screen space. That screen isn’t a desktop or laptop and it shouldn’t be set up in a way that mimics that. There has to be a way to make it more effective while complying with safety.

Look, the novelty of this pizza ordering mechanism is not lost on me, and the user experience will certainly carry this concept for pizza-loving consumers to try out at least once. What would excite this onion-and-pineapple-pizza-ordering-fan (don’t judge me!) would be a non-traditional UI that takes advantage of the type of car screen, especially from such a forward-thinking, creative brand like Domino’s.

Only time will tell if this peacocking UI concept takes off. In the meantime, I’ll be eating my pizza while keeping my eyes open for a truly unique UI.

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